Privacy Information

All Content you submit or upload may be reviewed by staff members. All Content you submit or upload may be sent to third-party verification services (including, but not limited to, spam prevention services). Do not submit any Content that you consider to be private or confidential. Deleted Content is still visible to some staff members.

We make a reasonable effort to ensure the integrity and intended privacy of Content. However, We cannot guarantee that private Content will not be accessed by unauthorized users. This Service is not confidential: do not submit or upload Content that must remain confidential.

Our Service utilizes various data ("Data") collection methods to generate analytical information, track problems and errors, monitor hardware and software infrastructure, provide personalized advertising, and / or prevent malicious activity. Reputable third-party entities ("Data Collectors") assist in some Data collection. Not all Data is anonymous. Data Collectors have strict privacy policies. Access to Data is restricted to select staff. IP addresses used to submit or upload Content are available to most staff; sensitive Data, such as contact information, is more restricted.

We do not directly disclose personal information to third parties without opt-in consent, except as necessary to provide the Service. For example, e-mail addresses may be disclosed to a third party in order to efficiently and effectively send e-mails. We treat such third parties as Data Collectors, as they may have access to some Data.

Integrity of personal information is the responsibility of the end user ("User"). Users can view, edit, and remove their own personal information using the Service. We are not responsible for unauthorized access to and/or manipulation of personal information, though we take reasonable measures to prevent and detect such occurrences. Other Data, such as IP address and routing history, cannot usually be viewed, edited or removed by Users.

As a User, you agree to follow all rules and guidelines posted by authorized representatives, as interpreted by All Users are expected to follow the rules, but cannot guarantee that they will do so.

You agree to abide by all international and federal regulations in the United States. Your region may enforce additional restrictions that apply to your use of the Service.

You agree to ensure the integrity of any encryption implementations ("Encryption") that the Service employs, including HTTPS (HTTP over SSL or TLS). You must not undermine the Encryption or allow third parties to intercept unencrypted communications with the Service. If regional laws and/or organizations prevent you from using Encryption, you must not use the Service. You must not allow proxying servers to decrypt communications with the Service.

This Privacy Policy may change without explicit notice.

If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, the privacy policy of each Data Collector, and the other information in this document, do not use this Service.

Other Third Parties

As with any Internet service, information can, in theory, be intercepted by unknown third-parties through whom that information is traveling. Depending on regional laws and regulations, your use of services may be subject to interception by organizations such as ISPs and governments. To mitigate the possibility of passive interception, attempts to encrypt traffic between your computer and our servers, even within our own network. This encryption, colloquially referred to as SSL, provides an industry-standard guarantee that your communication with services cannot be decrypted by intermediary parties. cannot make an absolute guarantee that your data will not be intercepted. It is the responsibility of individual users to ensure the security of their respective connections and browsers.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act

We reserve the right to redistribute and/or publicize any communication regarding DMCA takedown requests, regardless of any confidentiality statements in documents or e-mails. We do not agree to any confidentiality agreements in DMCA- and intellectual property-related communications, and are declining up front. Confidentiality notices in e-mails, letters, and other communications regarding such matters will not be honored.

By contacting us about DMCA takedown requests, copyright infringement, and/or other intellectual property theft matters, you agree to forfeit all confidentiality, regardless of any notices requesting otherwise.

Last updated: 15 - 1 - 2015